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Smiley - Your time has come


An East Sussex company has a really good reason to smile today.

Wave Creations Ltd, from Ticehurst, has signed a major partnership deal with Smiley - the iconic face of happiness currently celebrating it's 40th Anniversary.

The lifestyle motif - which has spanned several generations - features in a brand new range of 18 Smiley "Happy Time" Watches about to go on sale globally,

The stylish and emotive limited edition set "ticks" all the boxes with style and fashion gurus - and will feature worldwide in a special worldwide promotion on Amazon.

Smiley "Happy Time" is the brain child of Wave Creations - who design and manufacture a wonderful array of timepieces for leading brands and organisations.

"We are very proud of the product." said Managing Director Angus Walker, "We knew it was a big year for Smiley and took our idea to them.  Needless to say they loved them just as much as we did.

Wave Creations has created something quite unique - the range embraces street credibility, yet exudes suave sophistication."

The Smiley Company, owner of the Smiley brand and associated trademarks with offices across the globe, was so enamoured by the designs and the concept that they decided to embark on the Happy Time project as a personally valued partnership.

Each design carries with it a unique statement, whether in the boardroom, club, home or skatepark.

Wave Creations, based in Ticehurst, is soon to announce further major multi-million pound partnerships with global brands. So Watch this space.

A Limited number of Smiley Happy Time Watches are available for members of the media.

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