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Major Publishing Company : Making Child's Play Easy

When Wave were tasked with devising a storage solution for containing play elements collected through part-work magazine editions based on the popular children's TV series "Fifi and the Flowertots", we were delighted help make life easier for small hands.

Each magazine contained a new magnetic scene featuring different characters from the TV show, and our design and production teams needed to develop a child-friendly method for collecting and storing these.

After designing a vibrant A3-size zip-around folder, easy for children to use and containing special pockets for each of the "Fifi" characters, the challenge lay in developing a suitable mechanism for conveniently holding the magnetic play scenes.

Our answer was to invent, tool and produce a unique ring fitting system, manufactured in polypropylene and designed to work securely through simple push fittings, easy for children to master and safe for little fingers due to the absence of any spring-locking mechanisms.

Achieved thanks to some sophisticated problem solving, the system works with childish simplicity, yet contributed a vital component to a popular children's gift that became so popular units were eventually produced and sold in the hundreds of thousands.