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Conscience is a matter of professional pride

Global product sourcing comes with responsibilities that go beyond simply fulfilling each client's needs. So when it comes to making certain that our international manufacturing partners already meet our rigorous standards for ethical and environmental best practice, we don't take anybody's word but our own.

That's why we personally visit all potential manufacturing partners to see that these standards are maintained, before seeking verification from a professional third-party, who then conduct an independent assessment on our behalf.

Our factory partners have been awarded an SA8000 certificate, the first auditable certification for demonstrating a proven commitment to social corporate responsibilities through implemented procedures designed to protect the basic human rights of every worker. This includes child labour, forced labour, Heath & Safety, free association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation.

As an international company we're also continually innovating to minimise our carbon footprint, and we only work with manufacturers who do the same. All our partner factories have efficient environmentally friendly facilities in place to achieve an important extra level of sustainability - whether through recycling materials or harvesting rainwater.

We pride ourselves on getting things right - and that includes how we treat our planet and everyone on it.